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The Intersection of Design & Marketing

White Paper Features Speakers from HOW Design Live 2018
HOW Design Live’s new white paper, The Intersection of Design and Marketing, is a free white paper that offers advice and tips from some of the top creative minds in design, branding and marketing. Get your copy now by signing up for How Design Live updates.

Topics and experts in the HOW Design Live white paper include:

  • “Hello Marketing. This is Design.” by Aaron Keller, Founding Partner and Managing Principal, Capsule
  • “The Intersection of Design and Marketing” by Paul Foulkes-Arellano, Head of Client Programs, Precipice Design
  • “4 Tips to Achieve Success” by Fe Amarante, Manager, Global Design, The Hershey Company
  • “Put Play into Design and Marketing” by Vanessa B. Dewey, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Adobe Creative Jam Enterprise
  • “Are You a Marketer or a Designer?” by Justin Ahrens, Creative Director of Rule29, Author of Life Kerning
  • “Do Designers Speak Marketing?” By Ilise Benun, Founder of, Business Coach and Author
  • “Focus on the Human Story” by Meena Kothandaraman, Founding Member, twig+fish
  • “The Street Corner of Subjective and Objective” by Bill Gardner, Owner and President, Gardner Design
  • “I Get So Emotional, Baby…” by Douglas Spencer, President, Spencer Brenneman, LLC.
  • “Creating Meaningful Futures Through Design” by Cato Hunt, Director, Space Doctors
  • “8 Things Every Creative Should Know” by Adam J. Kurtz, Designer, Artist, Author of Things Are What You Make of Them
  • “Is It Hard to Start Your Own Design Studio?” by Chi-An Benjamin De Leo, Co-founder, Rice Creative
  • “Be a Change-Maker and Move the World Through Design” by Joshua James Breidenbach, Co-founder, Rice Creative
  • “Don’t Let This Particular Document Sabotage Your Design or Marketing” by Katie Lane, Attorney and Negotiation Coach
  • “Your Most Valuable Collaboration Tool: Creative Briefs” by Emily Cohen, Designer, Consultant, Speaker and Author
  • “Preflight for Success” by Joe Marin, Vice-President of Education & Training, Printing Industries of America – a HOW Design Live white paper “Presenting Partner”
  • “Retail Marketing – Print Is Alive and Well” by Rekha Ratnam, Senior Director of PRIMIR Market Research, Association for Print Technologies – a HOW Design Live white paper “Presenting Partner”

The HOW Design Live 2018 white paper is co-presented by Printing Industries of America, the largest graphic arts trade association, and the Association for Print Technologies, which is dedicated to supporting the entire commercial printing value chain, from print to digital.

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