Sina Mossayeb
Sina Mossayeb
Managing Director

Sina is a Managing Director at Expa—a startup studio founded by Garret Camp (cofounder of Uber). At Expa Sina leads a team focusing on products, programs, and platforms to create the conditions for entrepreneurs to thrive. Previous to Expa, Sina was a global systems design lead at IDEO for 6 years. At IDEO, he introduced how to use social movement theories mixed with human centered design to design change in orgs and society. He has worked with companies like Facebook, NFLPA, the US government, Viacom, and more to use human centered design to create design driven change in organizations—including products and services. Sina is also one of the co-founders of La Victoria Labs, and innovation studio in Peru established by IDEO.

Developing An Entrepreneur Approach To Creating And Designing Innovative Products And Services That Break New Ground | Design + Creativity,Health Care/Pharmaceutical

05/09/2019 3:15 PM | E350
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