Jon Bostock
Jon Bostock
Co-Founder & CEO

Always choosing to go against the grain, Jon Bostock consistently succeeded at the toughest challenges presented by companies both large and small then used the many lessons learned to start his own.Over the course of nearly a decade at General Electric, he reinvented business units within the company’s sprawling appliances division, devising ways to grow share and profitability, all the while competing against an ever-increasing number of entrants. His success led to his selection to join the executive team at 30 Rock and develop startup ventures to accelerate change across the company.Jon’s success at solving daunting challenges and leading employees numbering from dozens to thousands caught the eye of the founder of Big Ass Fans. The owner, who had long shunned investors, presented Jon with his toughest challenge yet – finding a buyer he would respect and who would care for his self-proclaimed tribe of employees. Jon joined the company as its first chief operating officer and implemented a metric-driven management system that saw revenue rise 15 percent and profitability quadruple in his first year, demonstrating the company’s possibilities to potential buyers. Over the following year, he initiated and shepherded the company’s record-setting $500 million sale.Following the sale, Jon and Chief Marketing Officer Alex Reed teamed up to seek a new challenge. The pair began developing direct-to-consumer cleaning company Truman’s, aiming to upend the staid cleaning industry with conveniently delivered, easy-to-use products that use 90% less plastic than typical ready-to-use cleaners. Truman’s will launch its first products in February 2019.

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