Joanna Peña-Bickley
Head of Research & Design
Alexa at Amazon

Joanna Peña-Bickley, Head of Research & Design, Alexa at Amazon, is a 21st century renaissance woman and a world renowned Designer recognized as the mother of Cognitive Experience Design and one of Fortunes Magainzes most powerful women. Joanna is propelled by a multidisciplinary acumen in design, data, media, tech and magic, her insatiable curiosity moves the Fortune 500 CEOs beyond obvious ideas and products, towards enduring market making experiences for the connected era. Joanna’s award-winning ingenuity has shaped brands, like Sephora, American Express, Remy Martin, John Deere, MTV, Pepsi, Land Rover, Cadillac and Jay Z imagine and make innovative breakthroughs, with a philosophy of radical collaboration, empathetic conviction and remarkable digital craft. Whether creating one of the first streaming video players, that changed the delivery of live news events for ABC, designing the first banking app for the Apple Watch for Citibank, or reinventing the connected car as a Ai-powered mobility platform for General Motors, Joanna’s tenacious creativity disrupts industry and makes new markets.

Design 2020: Ingenuity In The Key of Industry

10/29/2020 12:15