Giles Verdon
Giles Verdon
Head of Earthcare

Lush’s Earthcare team is made up of a mix of environmentalist and engineering expertise, who are responsible for reducing the company’s impact on the planet. They do this through tackling wastefulness in all its forms in Lush’s factories, shops and offices. Giles is a mechanical engineer by trade and was instrumental in opening the Lush Greenhub in 2015 to directly deal with the company’s packaging waste, with the ultimate aim of creating closed-loop recycling systems for everything. It’s here that the black pots returned to Lush by customers are washed, shredded and turned back into new black pots. Even though packaging is kept to a minimum at Lush, when it is required Giles and his team are consulted on design elements, to ensure it’s as minimal and/or reusable as possible and recyclable at the end of life. Areas of Expertise: Mechanical Engineering / Recycling / closed-loop recycling systems / Lush Greenhub / Packaging materials / Environment

The Future of Sustainable Packaging Panel: Part 2 | Dieline Conference

05/09/2019 4:15 PM | E450b
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