Ben Lyon
Co founder and Creative Director
Undo Undo Undo

Benny is Co founder and Creative Director of Undo Undo Undo based in Sheffield England. He has a diverse design background, after completing a degree in product design he then moved into the world of interiors and furniture design. During this journey he worked small independents all the way up to bands like RBS and Waitrose. 6 Years ago he was looking for a change of scene and discipline. He teamed up with twin brother Mat to create the now award winning branding and packaging agency Lyon & Lyon. He likes to think he’s the most fashionable member of the team and is a big fan of a gradient, in every project! If he's not bossing it in the studio you’ll often find him in the parks and trails in the Peak District ( the local national park. The latest thing he can’t stop talking about is the half marathon he’s doing this year, all donations welcome ;)

Undo Undo Undo - The Packaging Design Company that Wants to Rid the World of Packaging

10/27/2020 16:15