Andrew Miller
Design Lead
Amazon Internet of Things (IoT)

Andrew Miller, Design Lead, Amazon Internet of Things (IoT), is an award-winning designer who spent most of his career solving design problems in the U.S. Government. Before joining Amazon, Andrew was a Director of Product Design at the U.S. Digital Service, “Obama’s White House start-up” working to design and build government digital services that work better for people. Andrew lead teams under both the Obama and Trump administrations including work on immigration, national security, agriculture, and education. Before joining USDS, Andrew’s career brought him from creating on-screen graphics at MSNBC, to the Central Intelligence Agency, and then to Sandia National Labs. Andrew is also the co-founder of &Partners, a DC-based government and social impact design firm.

Designing the Government: Product, People, Process, & Policy

10/28/2020 15:15