5/07/2019 9:00 AM - 10:15 AM

Room: E271a


[WORKSHOP] Learn To Design And Build With Squarespace

I completely bootstrapped my two businesses as a Squarespace freelancer. In 2017, I made $100K and only worked 2 👏🏼 hours 👏🏼 a 👏🏼 day. Seriously, that was from just Squarespace websites! Not only that, I also built ilovecreatives.com without a programmer over a weekend. 

If you know how, you can build your own website and/or have a lucrative freelance business. So I'm sharing everything I can in this one hour and 15 minute workshop! We're gonna have fun because, yo, you gotta have fun.

Please bring a laptop and start a trial with the Brine Template.


  • Squarespace vs. Shopify
  • Hear Puno's journey to $100K/year and only working 2 hours a day
  • Squarespace as an MVP for your next business idea
  • Why you don't need Developer Mode
  • How much code do you need to know? Learn some CSS
  • Hands on Design: Spacers, Fonts, and Image

Open to All Access Attendees Only


Puno Puno

Puno Puno


ilovecreatives and PeopleMap

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