5/07/2019 9:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Room: E265


[WORKSHOP] Intro To Envision - Step One Of The Path To Impact

Path to Impact: Is a strategic design methodology that combines the impact focus of design for good with the rigor of design strategy, sustainable design, systems thinking, and the theory of change to help designers envision, plan, design, measure, and share their impact.

Combining the ethics of socially responsible design with a sustainable design process the Path To Impact™ leads designers through the creation process from crafting initial assumptions to a case study reporting a project’s impact respecting the following four pillars impacting integral aspects of humanity: environment, society, culture, and economy.

Open to All Access Attendees Only


Justin Ahrens

Justin Ahrens

Creative Director


Laurel Webster

Laurel Webster

Founding Partner & Art DIrector


Lennie Gray Mowris

Lennie Gray Mowris



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