5/08/2019 3:15 PM - 4:00 PM

Room: E451b

Breakout | In-House

Tap Shoes, Treadmills & Tacos

Not everyone’s creative path is a straight line. From tap dancing in musicals to NYC agency life to rebranding celeb-obsessed workout Barry’s Bootcamp, I clearly love to zig-zag where my interests and passions take me. And I’d argue that you should, too. Armed with a set of seemingly unrelated experiences, I’ve helped build Taco Bell’s in-house agency with empathy, curiosity and creativity at the core. And that multidisciplinary approach has been vital for our brand to not just live in culture, but also create it.

  • Let’s get physical: learn some tap moves and test your fitness prowess! (Kidding. Sort of.)
  • Inspire others and build culture within a safe creative space—or find your own personal passion projects that break through.
  • Gossip over behind-the-scenes secrets from Taco Bell HQ, including our test kitchen and my favorite in-house projects.


Christopher Ayres

Christopher Ayres

Executive Creative Director

Taco Bell

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