5/08/2019 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM

Room: E451b

Breakout | In-House

Leading with Intention: Create Meaning at Work

We love design! We work on lots of projects, with tight deadlines, with a range of clients around the world. It is not just the creativity of the projects, or the impact of the brand that makes us fulfilled. What makes work meaningful? And how can we lead with intention, to help create meaning to our work?

Highly regarded for leading with heart and spirit of collaboration for kid‘s market, Theresa has grown creative teams to deliver brand excellence. It’s not just the joy of the design, but she has a proven track record of inspiring teams. Currently, Vice President of Creative Services at Sesame Workshop, the global nonprofit educational organization behind Sesame Street. Sesame Street is celebrating 50 years of helping kids grow smarter, stronger, and kinder. Beyond ABCs and 123s, our programs deliver crucial lessons about health, emotional well-being, and respect and under-standing to help kids grow up healthy, happy. Using Sesame Street casestudy, Theresa will share how she leads with intention, while while helping instill meaning for designers, and a large dose of fun in the team.

A job that gives us meaning the benefits can be profound. How can we lead with intention, to help create meaning to our work? After this talk you will walk away with some recommendations:

  1. Smarter: purpose and accomplishment
  2. Stronger: authenticity and committed
  3. Kinder: self-worth and belonging


Theresa Fitzgerald

Theresa Fitzgerald

Sesame Street Workshop

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