5/07/2019 2:45 PM - 3:30 PM

Room: E451b

Breakout | Creative Leadership

Leading Simplified Design to Differentiate Your Company

As a longtime executive leader at General Electric, the first COO of fan and light maker Big Ass Fans, and now CEO of a disruptive start-up, Jon Bostock has seen design become both a boon and hindrance to products of all types. In aiming to appeal to every possible consumer, the companies (and pretty much every large company) created increasingly complex designs. The result became a series of product lines that perplexed consumers, as well as multiple unique versions of a single design.

It became obvious to Jon. Simplified design and their accompanying product lines resonate with everyone:

  • Designers no longer feel forced to create watered-down work appealing to all.
  • Top executives crave the efficiencies and cost savings in manufacturing and supply chain.
  • Customers find the buying experience far easier when there’s no longer umpteen versions of the same product with just slight differences.

Learn about Jon’s experience upending the GE appliances portfolio, as he convinced people from 30 Rock to the factories to agree to rethink the GE brand. Then learn how he focused a sprawling line of fans and lights at Big Ass Fans before guiding the company to a record-setting $500 million sale.


  • Learn executive leadership strategies and how to best persuade your company’s executives to value simplified design.
  • How a simplified design approach creates a strong return on investment for companies of all sizes.
  • How to leverage Design to differentiate your company from competitors seeking to please everyone.


Jon Bostock

Jon Bostock

Co-Founder & CEO


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