5/08/2019 4:15 PM - 5:00 PM

Room: E353

Breakout | Design + Creativity

Designs That Speak The Customer's Lingo

Speaking a shared lingo creates a level of communication so connected that it paradoxically seems unspoken. This is what excellent design does as well. Learn how to design using the concept of Lingo to create designs that people can feel beyond what they can express with words. It’s this emotional connection to your design work that is necessary to stand out, compel your audience and establish resonance. You’ll learn how to more clearly define the lingo of your company or audience and a 5-Step Secret Language Strategy to decode their emotional triggers. The result will reinforce company culture, create a consistent brand voice, unify teams, and inspire brand loyalty.  


Jeffrey Shaw

Jeffrey Shaw

Host of Creative Warriors podcast & Branding Consultant

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