5/07/2019 10:45 AM - 11:30 AM

Room: E450a

Breakout | HOW Marketing Live

Are We Just Apples & Oranges? How Creative And Marketing Can Stop Fighting And Combine Their Unique Gifts

Yankees & Red Sox. Hatfields & McCoys. Ali & Frazier. These are just a few of the great rivalries in our time. One of the oldest rivalries between Art and Commerce continues today in the form of Creative and Marketing teams. Join 2 experienced Marketing and Creative leaders for an interactive session. They will dive into the often misunderstood but critical relationship between Creative and Marketing teams to explore how they can stop killing each other and realize that they are just apples and oranges. 


Gaemer Gutierrez

Gaemer Gutierrez

Vice President, Creative Director


Rebecca Sears

Rebecca Sears

Chief Marketing Officer

Plantation Products

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