5/07/2019 3:45 PM - 4:30 PM

Breakout | In-House

A Day In The Life Of An In-House Designer

An in-house designer’s work is never done. There’s always a new A/B test to run, a landing page to create, a stakeholder to communicate with or a colleague who needs design help. You have to get really good at not only managing the design process, but at being the voice for design within your company. That can mean asking the right questions to pull the brief out, sharing prototypes with a stakeholder and guiding them on how to give useful feedback, or being the protector of the brand.

In this session you’ll hear from in-house marketing designer Charli Marie about what a typical day of work looks like for her at the email marketing software company ConvertKit. You’ll get insight into not only her design process but how she advocates for design within her team. You’ll hear about the challenges she faces in her role as the only marketing designer in the company and how she’s made herself invaluable to her team.

If you’re a designer on a small team or the only designer in your company, this session is going to help you do your job better and increase your worth. You’ll learn:

  1. How you can bring a lot of value to your company by advocating for design and presenting yourself as the resident design expert.

  2. The right questions to ask to pull the brief from someone and make sure you fully understand the problem you’re solving.

  3.  How to educate your team on the design process and encourage them to give useful feedback so that you’re all doing your best work.


Charli Marie

Charli Marie

Marketing Designer


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