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Welcome to the first HOW Marketing Live!

HOW Design Live is partnering with the American Marketing Association (AMA) to strengthen the collaboration between marketers and designers because the business challenges of today – and tomorrow – depend on it.

Customers don’t wait. They expect brands and organizations to be ready to help them wherever and whenever they need it. The use of technology and artificial intelligence are now norms in the realms of customer experience, marketing, and R&D. And the wealth of data makes it possible to evaluate a brand’s every move. Yet none of the technology matters if marketing and design aren’t moving in the same direction.

“Together, designers and marketers form the formidable team required to forge new pathways for brands and customers. The 1950s saw a powerful art director and copywriter team revolutionize advertising, and now we are ushering in a new era with AI that is changing everything – how we communicate, inspire, and work together. The HOW Design Live and American Marketing Association partnership ignites this combined force, showing designers and marketers how to combine their strengths in design thinking and strategy to define our future.”
—Jennifer Faris Severns, Chief Experience Officer, American Marketing Association


The HOW Marketing Live program will dive into the challenges that designers and marketers face together every day. A conference within a conference, designers and marketers attending HOW Marketing Live will…

  • Gain an understanding of how strategy drives key marketing decisions
  • Dive into metrics, ROI, and the use of data to optimize creative and drive results
  • Explore the use of marketing automation, social media, SEO, paid strategies, and content marketing to deliver integrated campaigns
  • Get exposure to the foundations of UI / UX design and the connection between digital and physical touchpoints to deliver memorable customer experiences
  • Discuss the implications of artificial intelligence on marketing and design
  • Build empathy for each other’s roles and recognize the value that designers and marketers each bring to the board room
  • Learn strategies for communicating and collaborating effectively with each other in an agile world


“We always try to stay ahead of the market to help designers navigate a changing environment. HOW Marketing Live is a perfect example of this. Every year we see more marketing professionals attending HOW Design Live as well as an increasing interest among our design attendees in sessions that blend design and marketing. The convergence of design and marketing is accelerating and we have a responsibility to our attendees to provide programming on skills and knowledge that advances their careers or better serve their clients.”
—Junmian Sun, Show Manager, HOW Events

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