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Stay Engaged: Colorful Games + Activities for Creatives

Most of us are struggling with the “new normal” that we’re experiencing as a result of COVID-19. For the introverts in our audience (and we know there are a lot of them!), social distancing might just feel like…normal life. But for the extroverts out there—we know you might be struggling without your normal social activities. In either case: if you’re looking for fun ways to fill the time (outside of spending countless hours on Netflix or TikTok), today we’ve rounded up a few ideas for our color-centric creatives out there—perfect for introverts and extroverts alike.

 I Love Hue is an incredibly satisfying puzzle-style game that can be installed on your phone or tablet where you’ll “reorder mosaics of colored tiles into perfectly ordered spectrums.” If you’re in need of a distraction, let yourself get lost in this game for a little while. 

Areaware has an awesome collection of puzzles available if you’re looking for a little less screen time—we liked their gradient and pattern puzzles. Want a little more control over the design of your puzzle? Shutterfly and Zazzle provide multiple options for you to go the DIY route! 

If you’re ready to take your puzzle game to the next level, kick it up a notch with this 3D puzzle from UnCommon Goods. When you’re done, it’ll double as a beautiful piece of art for your workspace! 

Send a little snail mail! We love these colorful postcards from Pantone. Brush up on your hand-lettering skills and drop a line to friends and family and brighten up their mailbox with a handwritten note. 

This MoMA exclusive can be played solo or with a group. La Pita is “both a design piece and an engaging game” and is made up of colorful, poplar wood pieces made to fit together in a variety of configurations. 

The Chroma Cube Block color game looks like a great way to engage with kids, if you’ve got some at home and you’re looking for new ideas. When it’s not in use, it also serves as a nice desktop addition. 

UnCommon Goods has a really great selection of colorful games. ColorKu presents a colorful spin on Japanese logic puzzles with beautiful wooden marbles. The set includes 104 strategic puzzle cards—don’t lose your marbles trying to crack the different combinations!

Katamino looks like another fun find from UnCommon Goods, especially if you’re flying solo. If you’re not, don’t worry: they’ve got a version for 2-players, too. 

You can find Kanoodle Extreme on Amazon. Small but mighty, this game set has over 300 2-D and 3-D puzzles that will test your logic and reasoning skills. 

When all else fails: color your own fun! Maybe you’re breaking out the color books (we love Prismacolor’s colored pencils for that activity), or you’re ready to put some color on canvas or in a sketchbook with paints, charcoals, pastels, or markers—we hope it helps you pass the time! 

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