An Update Regarding HOW Media and F+W

Some of you may have heard the unfortunate news that HOW Magazine, Print Magazine and their affiliat...


9 Questions to Ask When You're Looking to Land a Creative Leadership Role

“Are you a leader?” creative coach Tina Essmaker asked the crowd.There was a brief hush as everyone ...


The Creative Brief - Why Its More Important Than Ever

For years, social media chatter has centered around the use of a design brief when producing a cr...

Why Creatives Need Project Management Software

As a member of a creative team, you might not think of yourself as a project manager. But don’t you ...

Future Graphic Design Trends To Look For In 2019

The ball has dropped and now all eyes will be on the horizon and what trends we are seeing, anticipa...

Design & Creativity

2019 Dieline Conference is all about Sustainability

The most important topic we’re discussing at this year’s Dieline Conference is Sustainability and h...

Branding & Packaging

Podcast Spotlight Q&A: Jeffrey Shaw, of Creative Warriors

HOW do I speak the language of the customers? Short answer: HOW Design Live. And Jeffrey Shaw, whose...


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