Darcy Hinrichs


Web Designer at Scentsy Inc.

Darcy is a full-stack digital designer/art director and has an extensive background working in-house for outdoor industry retail and direct sales companies. She is currently residing in Meridian, Idaho where she lives with her husband and two collies.

Darcy is also a huge advocate for team development. She feels that she has a responsibility to her team to be a mentor & help provide opportunities for growth. She believes that we all need to stretch & reach outside our comfort zones to do amazing things! Darcy is passionate about the design field and loves connecting with people who share this common interest. 

Darcy's super power? My super power is my intuition. I am a visionary and my intuition plays a huge part in that role. I've learned to listen to my intuition as it usually plays a vital role in making solid design decisions.

"HOW Design Live always comes at a time when I need it the most and I always leave feeling that spark again...remembering why I am so passionate about the industry and why I love doing what I do."